Business Manager

St. Christopher Catholic Church, Diocese of Las Vegas, is seeking a full-time Business Manager to manage day-to-day operations, including assistance with employee matters, benefits and payroll, facilities/property obligations, gift shop operations, vendor financial transactions and general office administration. The Business Manager reports to the pastor to help him oversee the administrative needs for office staff, pastoral and educational staff, facilities, as well as the business-related needs of communications and information technology. This position focuses primarily on business operations but also gives special attention to compliance with Diocesan regulations and guidelines for best practices in parish financial management. 

As a member of the leadership team, this individual will work collaboratively with the Pastor to put into operation the financial implications of the vision, mission, and strategic direction of St. Christopher Catholic Church – a multi-cultural Community of Communities. The Business Manager is assisted by an outside Accountant; the Parish Secretary, and key volunteers. As a salaried exempt employee working on a full-time basis, occasional weekends and evenings will be required, as well as assisting with holy days, parish festivals and special events.

Job tasks and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Process the parish biweekly payroll.
  • Process reports required by the Diocese of Las Vegas.
  • In conjunction with the Accountant issue monthly statements to the pastor and the Parish Finance Council to assist with analyzing the financial well-being of parish operations.
  • In coordination with the pastor, monitor the financial goals established in the annual budget approved by the Parish Finance Council.
  • In conjunction with and under the guidance of the Diocesan Human Resources Officer to assist the Pastor in managing the HR needs and concerns of all parish employees.
  • Assist the Pastor and his Staff with any projects related to efficient administration of the Parish.

Qualifications, requirements and expectations:

  • Demonstrates a strong sense of values and ethics who can contribute to the norms and expectations of an effective pastoral mission in today’s Roman Catholic parish.
  • Holds a minimum of a B.A. in Business Administration/Management; without a degree, a person with 10 years or more of equivalent professional experience in business administration.
  • Must understand general accounting and finance principles.
  • Possesses interpersonal skills for vendor negotiations and employee Human Resource matters.
  • Is able to assist the Pastor with Development efforts for long-term financial goals.
  • Is able to promote positive relationships to support a team-work approach for all parish staff.

Skills and Experience Required:

  • Five or more years of experience in management of operations including facilities. 
  • Experience working in a Non-profit organization is relevant.
  • Five or more years of experience with the supervision of employees. 
  • Experience in working with vendors and contractors.
  • Experience in managing budgets, financial forecasting, and analysis of financial statements.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Business Suite, Quicken, Parish Data Systems or similar.
  • Ability to use data-base tools such as Access 
  • Familiarity with communication tools such as Publisher.
  • Ability to lead and empower both staff and volunteers in meeting diocesan requirements and expectations for parochial administration (Employee/Volunteer Handbooks, Financial Policies).
  • Ability to organize.
  • Excellent communication skills.


  • Although not a requirement, any applicant who is a practicing Catholic is strongly preferred. What is important is someone who can understand the business, administrative, and ministerial needs of Catholic parishes today.
  • Language: Given that St. Christopher Parish has a large Spanish speaking population, it is strongly preferred that the applicant have a working proficiency in Spanish and English.

Base pay: commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Contact: Applicants must submit their cover letter and resume with references to 

Father Miguel Rolland, Ph.D., 

Parochial Administrator  

Applications expected: no later than May 16, 2022.

About the job location:

A vibrant parish in the Diocese of Las Vegas, Nevada, St. Christopher Catholic Community is located within the City of North Las Vegas. The parish was founded in 1964 and today is a large, animated, mostly Spanish-speaking faith community with nearly 2200 families and a large Religious Education/Faith Formation program.  Learn more at

About the Employer:

The Diocese of Las Vegas, Nevada

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